Gardening Angel

Wild Flower Lawns

Our wild flower lawn service can transform your garden into a haven for wildlife and a create a peaceful retreat for you to enjoy.


The film shows the team creating a new lawn in late June this year and as you can see by the picture on the right it is already established and flowering in August.


From design through to implementation we will guide you through your idea to achieve a really effective and beautiful lawn.

With a variety of choices we can transform your forgotten part of the garden into a a fabulous relaxation area.


We can lay wild flower turf rolls which work extremely well and just require some tender loving care to settle them in.


Or we can lay seeded topsoil. This is very good but requires a longer settling time and a little more care.


It just depends on the area size and how quickly the garden needs to take.

Wild Flower Lawn Video


Below you can see the completion of our latest lawn, from start to finish. Take a peek, it does not last long.