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Lawn Care


Lawn care including feeding and weed control, mowing, scarifying and edging.

Planting & Design


Layout design, plant choice, plant sourcing, site preparation and planting in your garden.



Weeding, pruning, edging, nourishing - all the jobs to keep your garden tip-top.

Gardening Angel can help you manage your garden.


At Gardening Angel we really want to help our customers develop and use their gardens. Offering a range of services covering everything from garden design to weed control, our team can help you re-discover your garden. Pruning, lawn care, planting design, structure and implementation, we can re-invigorate your garden so you can enjoy the summer [when it arrives!].For further information follow the link.


Gardening Angel


We are a professional landscape, design and maintenance company providing gardening services throughout Surrey.


Having a garden is one thing, maintaining it and being able to use it when you want to is another in our busy world.


At Gardening Angel we can help you maintain your garden to excellent standards, through regeneration, lawn care, re-design and plant replenishment as well as pruning and even helping with the vegetable garden.


Our helpful team can create a garden for you to enjoy this summer.